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Teenagers – need a healthy diet and exercise too!

Aren’t teenagers supposed to be skinny, thin, in shape?  I mean I went to Wonderland the other day and wow, I guess I have been inside for too long, but so many were totally out of shape. I guess what they say is true about the society today and being totally into gaming, texting, sleeping, tv watching…I don’t mean to be mean, but I feel bad for them. Imagine what will happen when they get older and it is more difficult to lose weight. I suggest a healthier diet and exercise. Honestly think about it now and don’t wait until it’s too late!  Be sure to check out the Health Challenge  . For more ideas please contact me: Jill skype: jillannbromwich


Did you know? Vitamin C…

Did you know? Vitamin C helps allergies!

“Vitamin C in high doses can have a great effect on improving allergy symptoms, particularly hay fever and asthma, due to it’s ability to counteract the inflammation responses that are part of such conditions.”

For more information read this about allergies:

I have been increasing my dose of Vitamin C daily to help with my allergies and will continue to do so during the summer to see how it helps!

Sincerely, Jill

Get Healthy NOW!

Did you know? Cinnamon has many benefits.

Did you know?

Cinnamon is very healthy!

It helps to preserve your food naturally.

It helps to lower cholesterol.

It helps your mind.

So if you add even a teaspoon of cinnamon to your meal plan every day, you will be that much closer to a healthier you!

For more information on ten health benefits of cinnamon, visit this link:



Cream Cheese Salsa Dip

1 container of soft cream cheese
1 bottle of mild salsa
1 Tbsp. Mayonnaise
1/4 cup Black Olives (optional)
1/4 cup Red Peppers
Shredded Colby Cheese
In medium bowl mix cream cheese, 1 Tbsp. of salsa and mayonnaise.  Stir until smooth.  Move to a serving platter.   Spread the rest of the salsa on top.  Put sliced red peppers, olives and shredded cheese on top like a pizza.
Put in fridge until ready to serve.  Serve with veggies, tortilla chips or crackers.

Jill’s Healthy Broccoli Soup

Jill’s Healthy Broccoli Soup

What You Need:

1/2 cup Asparagus chopped

1 Bay leaf

2 Broccoli stems chopped

2 Carrots chopped

2 Celery sticks chopped

2 cups Chicken broth

1 tbsp Olive oil

1 dash Salt & Pepper

1 dash Each spices: basil, garlic, oregano, parsley

1/2 cup Vidalia Onion (or more if you like it)

1 cup Water

What to Do:

1.  In a large soup pot warm the olive oil and add the onions.  Heat until soft, then add celery and carrots; heat for 5 minutes.

2.    Add chicken broth then add bay leaf, spices, salt/pepper and heat soup until boiling for about five minutes, covered with lid.  Then lower heat and let simmer.

3.  Add 1/2 cup water so soup doesn’t get too thick and keep simmering.

4.  Now add broccoli and asparagus.  Cook for about five minutes until not too soft.

5.  Add more water…simmer.

6.  Take out bay leaf and dish soup into bowls!

Soup is ready!

What’s Really in Your Shampoo?

Did you ever consider reading the label on your shampoo bottle?

Well, try reading it and remember the longer the list the more chemicals and toxins are in it.

Also, one common ingredient is “Sodium Lauryl Sulphate”, which can have other similar names…

This is a anionic sufactant that helps produce lots of suds when washing your hair.  This may make you feel like your hair is cleaner, but it may also be causing health issues.

“Sodium Lauryl Sulphate” may also be a carcinogenic, meaning it is cancer-causing.

So if you are concerned about this at all you may want to find something else.

FYI Ask me for help with finding healthy products for your home.

Healthy Products for You

Oh no, not the Flu!

So I got the flu and NO, I did not get the flu shot.  Hmmm, maybe I should have…?

There are so many pros and cons about the flu shot.  There is the medical industry’s take on it versus natural health…

But that is a story for another blog!

Anyhow, I had the 24 hour flu I would guess.  It is terrible, as we all know.  But I want to tell you about the steps I used to slowly get over it.

First of all I was sick from 10 pm all night through until 7 am in the morning.  Then I slept.  I think the best method of recovery is sleep.

I found that each time I woke up I felt a little better.  The body really does need rest.  At least eight hours a night is important for an adult…

Less than that really is not enough…in my opinion. 

The second thing I did to help me feel better after having a terrible bout of the flu…

Drink liquids, liquids and more liquids.  Be sure to drink small sips at first!  Anything healthy really, but I suggest:

1. Apple juice – helps with hydration and Vitamin C

2. Gingerale – it helps to calm the stomach

3. Ginger tea – helps for hydration and to calm the stomach

3. Tea – any kind helps for hydration and antioxidants

4. Water – hydration

Then when you are feeling a little more like eating, start slowly.

Then try chicken noodle soup!  That really is the best for overall recovery as it helps for energy and to get you back to ‘normal’.

Also, dry toast is good, preferably grain bread or sprout bread, not white flour.

Apples are also good, I prefer green apples and they are gentle on the stomach after being ill…

Just remember: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Anyhow, I am feeling a little better and now just have to get the energy up. 

So I will go for now and make some chicken noodle soup along with my ginger tea. 

Hope you are well, but if a little under the weather try some of the above home remedies to help you feel better.