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Healthy French Toast


What You Need:

1 Tablespoon rice bran oil

3 ‘Omega 3′ eggs

4 slices of rye bread or whole grain bread

1 cup of skim milk (or your choice of milk)

Dash of Cinnamon

1/4 cup of Maple syrup

What to Do: Preheat skillet or frying pan on stove and add oil.  No higher than medium to prevent burning.  

1.  Crack three eggs into a small bowl.

2.  Add skim milk and whisk together until yolks are mixed well.

3.  Add cinnamon and stir.

4.  Put one slice of bread at a time in bowl and cover with egg mixture.  Then add each slice to pan.  Cook bread until it is a light to medium brown colour.  Using spatula put onto plate.

5.  Dip bread into Maple syrup or pour over top of French toast slices.

6.  Cut each piece of French toast into slices and dip slices into Maple syrup.  This is especially good for children and makes it fun!


Jill Bernardi



Ideas for Healthy Child Lunches

I am trying to think of ideas of what to make for lunches.  Healthy ideas are really the best.  The thing is however, there are so many ideas out there, but the question is…
“Will my child eat it?”  Is your child fussy or will he/she eat anything?
If your child eats anything then you are lucky, however if your child chooses not to eat much of anything…then you might have some problems…:-)  So, here are some healthy ideas that may make your problems as far as what to make for lunch, not so worrisome.  I mean we really do worry.
Are they eating enough?  Are they getting enough nutrients?   So here are some ideas that may help…
1.  Make them fun:
Try cutting sandwiches into triangles or use cookie cutters to make different shapes.  This may get your child more interested in eating and help to ensure he/she eats lunch.
2.  Make them different:
Change the kind of bread.  Your child may think he/she only likes white bread, but if you try  different grains this will make it more interesting and healthier.  Change the type of bread as well.
Change the type of bread, try using bread, tortillas, pitas or bagels for example.  *Be careful of the bagels, however, as they can be a choking hazard, so cut them into smaller pieces, even slice them thinly.
Use different meats and cheeses.  Make sure it is a healthier meat not too much salt.   Even try shredding the cheese for something different and put shredded carrots in the lunch with them.
Be sure to include fruits and vegetables in the mix too.
Children like dips too.  So they can dip the veggies in yummy dips.  This will help the children to eat more veggies.   Blog with yummy dips to follow!!

Healthy Sources of Protein

Some healthy protein sources that you may not have thought about.

Of course there is meat…

But beans are an excellent source of protein and so is quinoa.

Also, a handful of almond is an excellent source.

*Even just a small amount is enough.

For me the energy source is important.

Now what I like to do is to make healthy protein shakes.

There are over 100 different recipes and you can try whatever you like!

For more information on the shakes Health Challenge please feel free to contact me!




Click here: Health Challenge

Teenagers – need a healthy diet and exercise too!

Aren’t teenagers supposed to be skinny, thin, in shape?  I mean I went to Wonderland the other day and wow, I guess I have been inside for too long, but so many were totally out of shape. I guess what they say is true about the society today and being totally into gaming, texting, sleeping, tv watching…I don’t mean to be mean, but I feel bad for them. Imagine what will happen when they get older and it is more difficult to lose weight. I suggest a healthier diet and exercise. Honestly think about it now and don’t wait until it’s too late!  Be sure to check out the Health Challenge  . For more ideas please contact me: Jill skype: jillannbromwich

Broccoli Salad

You Need…

One package of broccoli tops or 3 to 4 fresh broccoli tops.

1 orange pepper chopped (or red or yellow)

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1 cup light mayonnaise (or yogurt)

1/4 cup vinegar (or apple cidre vinegar)

2 tablespoons honey (or maple syrup) I use both!

1 teaspoon dijon mustard (or regular mustard)

Dash s & p if you choose…

What to do…

1. Be sure to wash all broccoli thoroughly and then cut into bite-size pieces. Put in a larger bowl and add pepper.

2. In separate, small bowl mix/whisk all other ingredients thoroughly.

3. Add dressing and sesame seeds to broccoli and mix well.

4. Serve chilled! Enjoy!

Did you know? Vitamin C…

Did you know? Vitamin C helps allergies!

“Vitamin C in high doses can have a great effect on improving allergy symptoms, particularly hay fever and asthma, due to it’s ability to counteract the inflammation responses that are part of such conditions.”

For more information read this about allergies:

I have been increasing my dose of Vitamin C daily to help with my allergies and will continue to do so during the summer to see how it helps!

Sincerely, Jill

Get Healthy NOW!

Did you know? Cinnamon has many benefits.

Did you know?

Cinnamon is very healthy!

It helps to preserve your food naturally.

It helps to lower cholesterol.

It helps your mind.

So if you add even a teaspoon of cinnamon to your meal plan every day, you will be that much closer to a healthier you!

For more information on ten health benefits of cinnamon, visit this link: