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Jill Bernardi is a business consultant who enjoys helping others with their businesses and health.  Jill has an honours degree in consumer studies, marketing and nutrition from the University of Guelph.  Upon graduating Jill was a marketing manager in the beverage industry for ten years.  She has also taught and tutored children for seven years.  Jill is a published children’s author and author of over twenty articles on Ezine.  As an editor, Jill edited for a newsletter in downtown Toronto, Ontario.  Overall, Jill has a passion for helping others by teaching them and helping them earn extra income online.  She is currently tutoring students and helping others get healthy.

Business tips from Jill at:

Coaching for You! 

Healthy Shopping at:

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Please feel free to contact Jill at:


Also, on skype:  jillannbromwich


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  1. like what I have learned in this site. I can relate and offer all what I have learned here to my siblings as the eldest and the breadwinner in my family. I think I will enjoy talking with you in our appointment on Tuesday 12noon. Talk to you then and God Bless


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