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Healthy French Toast


What You Need:

1 Tablespoon rice bran oil

3 ‘Omega 3′ eggs

4 slices of rye bread or whole grain bread

1 cup of skim milk (or your choice of milk)

Dash of Cinnamon

1/4 cup of Maple syrup

What to Do: Preheat skillet or frying pan on stove and add oil.  No higher than medium to prevent burning.  

1.  Crack three eggs into a small bowl.

2.  Add skim milk and whisk together until yolks are mixed well.

3.  Add cinnamon and stir.

4.  Put one slice of bread at a time in bowl and cover with egg mixture.  Then add each slice to pan.  Cook bread until it is a light to medium brown colour.  Using spatula put onto plate.

5.  Dip bread into Maple syrup or pour over top of French toast slices.

6.  Cut each piece of French toast into slices and dip slices into Maple syrup.  This is especially good for children and makes it fun!


Jill Bernardi



Healthy Sources of Protein

Some healthy protein sources that you may not have thought about.

Of course there is meat…

But beans are an excellent source of protein and so is quinoa.

Also, a handful of almond is an excellent source.

*Even just a small amount is enough.

For me the energy source is important.

Now what I like to do is to make healthy protein shakes.

There are over 100 different recipes and you can try whatever you like!

For more information on the shakes Health Challenge please feel free to contact me!




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