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Lucky Earth

I would like to introduce you to a new, GREEN way to wash your car. 

This idea is fantastic!  It is a “Waterless” Car Wash, from “Lucky Earth”.

This incredible idea from “Lucky Earth” makes it possible to quickly and easily clean your entire car, inside and out.  It can be used on wet and dry surfaces.  You can even use it inside your vehicle on the dashboard, leather seats and doors.

You might ask, well how can you really have a “Waterless” Car Wash? 

The idea behind the concept is, it dissolves and encapsulates dirt, then whisks it away with a microfiber towel. 

When you use the “Lucky Earth, Waterless Car Wash” System you will help reduce water consumption, while having no pollutants run into our streams, rivers, and lakes.

“Imagine the good we will do for ourselves, our families, and the world!”

Benefits of  Lucky Earth “Waterless” Car Wash:

  • Save up to 840 gallons with one bottle

  • Get 7-10 washes from one 32 oz bottle

  • Save Money

  • Save Time

  • Save Water

The “Waterless Car Wash” from Lucky Earth is made with water, natural surfactants (the cleaner) derived from coconut, and silicone. 

What I like about this product is the use of natural products and the great benefit to our earth!

There are many other products available.  You should check them out at:

You will be glad you did and think about the good you will be doing for our environment!


About jillannbromwich

I work at home to be with my son. Helping others with their businesses is my priority. I also want to educate people on health and wellness. Going Green is important to me.

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