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Sun and Skin

I was away this weekend up north and with the weather not being all that great we were inside for much of the time.  This was fine with me though.  I managed to watch a show called, “The Doctors”. 

One topic they covered on this episode was about skin cancer and the sun.  They had two women on and compared the sun damage on their faces.  One lady worshipped the sun, while the other lady protected herself with sunglasses and sunhats, plus suntan lotion.

Who do you think the doctors favoured?  The woman who protected herself from the sun was of course much better off, as far as having less chance of cancer spots on her face. 

They showed a picture and the lady who worshipped the sun had many more spots that were very dense. 

The concern is that people still think it’s okay to suntan.  It is fine to be out in the sun, because we need the Vitamin D, but you must protect yourself.

Did you know that if you find a Melanoma spot that tends to look quite dark in colour and you don’t get it checked immediately by a doctor, you could only have one year to live?

Although this blog is quite serious, I think it is essential that we are more aware of what the sun can do to us.

If you are concerned about the type of suntan lotion you use, please check out this site for advice on choosing the right one:




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