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Eating Healthy

I try to eat healthy. How about you? Sometimes however it is not that easy. When I lived on my own I only stocked healthy foods in my fridge. I rarely bought cookies and candies, etc. This way it helped to eat well. You know as well as I do, when the sweets are available you want to keep eating them. I personally would rather stock my cupboards with only healthy foods. Now that I am married and have a son you would think that there is even more of a reason to eat well, however my husband loves sweets. So, as much as I try not to buy these things, he still comes home with a bag of cookies. Despite this I offer my family healthier alternatives and ensure that they eat well. It is important to eat a nutritious diet even with a busy lifestyle. Healthy soups are convenient and you can add so many nutritious foods to them. For example you can add corn, beans, broccoli, chicken, tomatoes and much more. Whatever your heart desires! For quick, yet nutritious meals try canned beans, hummus or roast chicken, but don’t eat the skin. If you find that you have to skip a meal, then snacks are quite important. Healthy snacks include: yogurt, fruit, cold pizza, V-8 juice, either white or chocolate milk and crackers with almond butter, peanut butter or cheese. Just be sure that your are getting a source of protein with your fruits and vegetables. It is important to get your iron and vitamin C. Women especially need to make sure they get enough iron. A lack of iron can cause you to feel tired. The best and most easily absorbed source of iron is lean red meat, however if you choose to limit your red meat cosumption try enriched cereals, beans, peas, fruit and of course, dark, leafy vegetables like spinach or swiss chard. You should eat foods that are rich in iron with a source of vitamin C, because the vitamin C helps absorb the iron. Foods with sufficient vitamin C include: orange juice, strawberries and kiwis. So be sure to eat well despite a busy schedule and limit unhealthy snacks. Eat fruits and vegetables instead of poor food choices. If you are thinking about grabbing a cookie reach for an apple instead or if you are craving chips try crackers with protein. Also, you can try protein drinks that will reduce food cravings.


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I work at home to be with my son. Helping others with their businesses is my priority. I also want to educate people on health and wellness. Going Green is important to me.

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