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Drink Tea, it’s Simple

Drink Tea, it’s Simple…

Did you know research shows that people who drink at least two cups of tea a day have less heart disease and stroke and they recover from heart attacks faster? 

If you are trying to figure out which is healthier between green and black tea, they both have excellent benefits.

Benefits may include:

  • help boost metabolism
  • block allergic response
  • slow the growth of tumors
  • protect bones
  • fight bad breath
  • improve skin
  • protect against Parkinson’s disease
  • delay the onset of diabetes

Studies have found that the antioxidants in tea can even help prevent skin cancer.

Drink tea, it’s simple…since so much research suggests that drinking tea is healthy no matter what kind it is, then you are doing something beneficial by drinking tea.

If you find it hard to drink water, but want something healthy, then stay away from soda pop and drink tea.

Researchers suggest drinking six to ten cups of black or green tea during the day.  If you need to switch to decaf tea in the middle of the day that’s fine since the flavanoids remain unchanged.

A great idea for a gift or for a kind token is to give someone tea, you are not only giving them a gift, but you are helping them stay healthy.

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I work at home to be with my son. Helping others with their businesses is my priority. I also want to educate people on health and wellness. Going Green is important to me.

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  1. I’ll have to look into the tea situation more again, I’ve been out of “flavor” with the beverage as of late. Thanks!



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