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Acai Berry – Delicious

The acai berry (pronounced “ah-sigh-ee”) is a small grape-sized berry that grows in the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil.  The acai fruit equates to only 10% of the actual berry.  The remaining 90% is comprised of the seed or pit. When harvested, the pulp is separated from the seed, producing a delightfully thick, edible puree.  This wonderful little berry has a flavour that is best described as a delicious blend of berries and chocolate. 

Recently, the acai berry has become popular in the United States.  Positive research has spread to doctors, scientists, nutritionists and media outlets who are raving about the countless nutritional qualities and health benefits of the acai berry.  Oprah and Rachael Ray are examples of the celebrities who are very much in favour of this little berry. 

The acai berry has been called “the number one super food in the world”.  While this may sound like a bunch of hype, this view is being embraced by those who have done the research and stand behind their claim.  It is packed full of free-radical fighting antioxidants.  The acai berry is also considered to have the best overall nutritional value of any known fruit. 

The acai berry is helpful in many ways: * Improves digestion *Helps with weight loss * Supports the immune system * Increases libido * Promotes healthy sleep * Increases energy & stamina * Reduces pain & soreness * Fights aging & inflammation * Lowers blood pressure * Fights cancer & disease * Protects against heart disease

This berry is full of nutrients and companies have realized the potential in the weight loss industry.  Therefore, the acai berry is the newest fad diet and you can go online to see all sorts of advertisements by companies that are claiming fabulous results from their products.  While many of these claims by individual companies are exaggerated, there is scientific evidence that the acai berry contains several key ingredients that aid in suppressing appetite, building muscle tone and boosting metabolism.


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