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Mangosteen Berry – Amazing

The mangosteen berry provides amazing nutritional benefits. The majority of the juice from mangosteen berries comes from South East Asia where there is a very warm climate and sufficient energy supply.

The berries are picked during the middle of summer as soon as the berries are dropping on the ground. The berries must be picked immediately as the berries tend to go bad within a few days.  Therefore, the best option is to produce mangosteen juice and store it in the refrigerator or freeze the berries to preserve them.

To receive the most health benefits from the mangosteen berries, the juice should be made by pulping the entire fruit, straining it and pasteurizing the juice.  Most of the health benefits can be found in the hull, therefore, it is important to get juice that is made from the entire fruit.

Mangosteen juice provides xanthones, which is the richest and most powerful antioxidant.  Since antioxidants work at the cellular level they improve the health of the entire body system. While it is uncertain what all the health benefits are, there are many studies being done regarding the nutritional properties and the benefits of drinking the juice.

*Anti-fatigue  *Anti-anxiety  *Anti-depression  *Anti-obesity  *Anti-Alzheimer’s  *Anti-allergenic  *Anti–periodontic (gum disease)  *Anti-arthritis  *Protection against skin disease  *Anti-fever *Anti-diarrhea *Anti-neuralgia (nerve pain)  *Helps with dizziness  *Anti-glaucoma  *Anti-pain (for example, dental pain)  *Anti-inflammatory  *Anti-ulcer, including ulcers of stomach, mouth, small bowel, large bowel

One thing to note is the locals in South East Asia have been drinking mangosteen juice for centuries and are known to have higher than normal energy levels, despite the physical demands placed upon them on a daily basis.

Amazingly, this little berry hosts more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable on the planet.  For this reason alone, the mangosteen juice is believed to be beneficial in increasing a person’s life expectancy.

With cancer on the rise, more and more Westerners are interested in seeking ways they can improve their overall health.  Therefore, mangosteen juice has been of great interest.  Antioxidants constantly remove free radicals produced from various sources and help to positively lower the chances of cell mutation and cancer development.


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  1. I’d never heard of mangosteen berries before! Very interesting. May have to track some down. ;D


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