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Two more tips re: avoiding GMO’s

Tip 2:  Avoid Artificial Additives and Sweeteners…absolutely avoid all artificial sweeteners like, Aspartame, Nutrasweet, etc.  Use honey, or real maple syrup or stevia instead. If you want to eat sugar, use organic sugar.

Tip 3: Buy Local…If you can, avoid all meat and dairy that is not organic.  Non-organic meat and dairy is made from cows, chickens and pigs that have been fed GMO corn and soy.  If you really want to avoid GMOs, you should try and buy organic meat and dairy.

If you do eat non-organic dairy products, avoid dairy products with rBGH, the genetically modified growth hormone.


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I work at home to be with my son. Helping others with their businesses is my priority. I also want to educate people on health and wellness. Going Green is important to me.

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