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I believe that is essential for everyone to go green in some way or at least do their part in helping our future and the future of our children. Here are some great ideas that you may not have thought of for going green. When you are running water it should be only a pencil-width, nothing wider. Use this train of thought when washing your hands, dishes or your vegetables. This way not so much water is wasted down the drain. A great idea for laundry is to use cold water for both white and dark clothing Your clothes will be just as clean and you won’t waste so much hot water. Also, cold water helps keep your colours brighter and your gas bill will be much lower.

There are many ideas for helping your family go green like switching to glass bottles and staying away from plastic. Plastic stays in the landfills for years. Another idea is to use small packets and add them to a pitcher of water in the fridge to make your own juice rather than buying countless plastic bottles.

An idea for school aged children is to make a recycled notebook by using cereal boxes for the front and back covers. Then attach them using rings you can get at an office store and fill them with recycled paper. This is a unique idea that they can share with their friends at school. Make sure your children wash their hands frequently to rid of potential germs and be sure to use safer products free of harmful chemicals. Also, if you choose to use the anti-bacterial hand cleaners make sure they are safer as well. Of course for playtime use non-toxic crayons rather than traditional ones that are petroleum-based.

When you are deciding which personal care products to use like shampoo, toothpaste and makeup be sure to go more natural. This avoids toxic chemicals from going down the drain and into the water systems. Toxic chemicals may include toluene, formaldehyde, coal tar plus many more. Did you know that over ninety-eight percent of household products that you use everyday contain formaldehyde?

I would love to know your ideas for going green. I personally use the green shopping bags at the grocery store and think this is a great idea. Plus they are much sturdier than those plastic ones anyway. To help you remember to bring your eco-friendly shopping bags with you keep them in your car or keep them by the front door so you see them on your way out. Why not try using more natural household products overall? You will be helping your family and also the environment.


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I work at home to be with my son. Helping others with their businesses is my priority. I also want to educate people on health and wellness. Going Green is important to me.

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  1. Nice post. One easy thing to do is buy a reusable water-bottle and stop buying bottled water. A lot of people spend hundreds on bottled water than comes in plastic bottles every year. This can also some in handy when you go anywhere to eat, since unless you’re getting free water at a restaurant, you’re probably paying for a drink.

    When it comes to the home, energy efficiency improvements is the fastest way to reduce your house’s footprint, and the cheapest KW is the one you never have to use. Just by improving insulation, buying energy star appliances, adding in CFL lightbulbs, and have a programmable thermostat you can make a big change.

    I often blog about these kinds of issues, you should check it out!

  2. Great ideas! Very practical & do-able! Every little step helps!

    I also like Matt Dernoga’s suggestion of using the re-usable water bottles ~ another benefit is YOUR own health ~ bottled water may just be “purified” tap water, i.e. distilled or reverse osmosis that just makes the water acidic & extremely difficult for your body to assimilate!

    This year I’m going to try my hand at composting – every time I throw away a pile of vegetable peelings, I think – “that could make good compost!”

    Be well & be blessed!
    Linda Karchner

  3. Great ideas — I agree! Thanks for sharing this!


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